The Truth About Dianabol Muscle Gains

Dianabol is the granddaddy of all steroids. This is a very strong steroid that is popular to many bodybuilders, weightlifters, and athletes. Among the other steroids that are available in the market, Dianabol proves to be on top of every list of those who want to see a faster result in muscle mass gains, increased strength and stamina as well as enhanced focus.

            Dianabol was specifically designed to diminish the androgenic properties of testosterone while it keeps its anabolic attributes which makes it a favorite among bodybuilders worldwide. Dianabol results can also be permanent with the right Post Cycle Therapy.

Dosage Recommendation.

Dianabol is known for its pill form but a user can also find injection forms of this steroid. Dianabol has a short half-life that is between three to five hours. It takes about two to three hours for the Dbol to enter the bloodstream, that is why experienced users suggest taking a dose an hour and a half before your workout.

Dianabol Cycles.

According to bodybuilders, Dianabol is used as a base steroid. Since this steroid is cheaper than the others, this is the main reason why it is popular. It can also be incorporated into a cycle as a mass steroid due since it is not a used for cutting.

            For beginners, Dianabol is the most preferred steroid because of its price and exhibits fewer side effects as long as it is taken in proper doses. According to surveys, Dianabol received positive feedbacks related to the cycle progress with this steroid.

Retain Your Dianabol Cycle Gains.

After giving everything to your workout and training with Dbol, it would be good to retain the gains you achieved. The secret to this is to take 50% of your daily dose one to two hours before workout and the remaining 50% after your workout. This proves to provide better results since Dbol has a shorter half-life of three to five hours.

            Most experienced users recommend a 12-week cycle of testosterone and a 6-week cycle of D-bol, with a dosage of 30 mg a day. Proper diet will also help with the retention of your gains. Make adjustments with progression as you go along your cycle. Remember that your food intake is not the same at the beginning and end of the cycle.

Any steroid can cause serious side effects when used improperly. It is best to follow dosage instructions in order to prevent potential adverse reactions. When it comes to legalities of this steroid, in some countries, it is legal. There are countries that would require a prescription from the doctor before you can purchase Dianabol. It is strongly advised to check the banned substances in your country before you make any purchase.